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How Swag Promotional Items Can Help Your Business

  • January 11, 2019
  • Life Style Blog

Swag promotional items, also known as promotional merchandise, is everywhere: on caps, pens, USB, key chains, magnets, coffee mugs, freebies, backpacks, T-shirts, and the list can go on and on. Even though there are plethora of promotional items easily available with various suppliers-and may not be of highest quality- the value of promotional merchandise is not to be discounted. When and if used in a right way, promotional merchandise will do its job of creating and increasing brand awareness. Read on to know more about what effective and thoughtful promotional merchandise can do for your business.

Advantages of Swag Marketing

Given below are some advantages of using branded swag items for marketing your business.

Promotional items are appealing

One of the obvious advantages of marketing with company swag is that it can help you immediately connect with your audience. When a person receives a useful item free of cost, he is likely to show interest in a company whose swag promotional item he has received. Your business is likely to get a lot of engagement.

It is important to note that your business needs a meaningful engagement, not just engagement. Read further to know how to be more strategic with your swag.

Swag can increase brand recognition

It is natural tendency of humans to gravitate towards things that are familiar to them, sometimes even subconsciously. When a customer has to choose between one business and the other, he may as well go for a business whose brand logo name and design he has seen few times more than the other business. These things can make all the difference.

Company swag, whether it’s on a cap or book bag, pen or flash drive, is a great way to increase familiarity with your brand. The more items one comes across that bear your company name and logo, the more people can become familiar with your brand.

Swag wearers will promote your business

Promotional apparel easily catch the attraction of other people. People wearing swag promotional items such as T shirts, sweatshirts, caps, backpacks, handbags, etc, become a kind of mini-marketers promoting your business.

Word of mouth definitely works

Word of mouth recommendation is still considered as the best form of recommendation, even though businesses spend a lot of money on electronic and print media advertisements, a large number of people still trust word of mouth recommendation whenever they have to make a purchase. Promotional merchandise can be seen as a word of mouth marketing, an effective way to attract new customers and strengthen your business reputation. People trust what others have to say about businesses and whether is is their friends or strangers, they will seriously consider what they hear.

Promotional items can facilitate low-cost marketing

As mentioned above, more people get familiar with your business, better it is for your business as they are likely to choose you over other brands. There are many ways to achieve this goal. Using promotional items to market and promote your brand facilitates low-cost marketing as several promotional items are available for businesses of every size and scale. If you have limited budget to spend on business promotional items, you can choose simple and useful items to give away as freebies. Custom lanyards, pens, caps and flash drives are prime examples of affordable and functional promotional items.

Swag makes for creative marketing

Company swag provides for a creative and refreshing alternative as compared to traditional offline forms of lead generation. Business flyers and business cards are important, but how many times do they get seen again? More often than not, they are put in a drawer and forgotten.

Coming to conclusion, promotional merchandise can help your business to reap dividends when used strategically. Choosing thoughtful promotional items go a long way in creating brand awareness.