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Protecting Your Child’s Rights With Juvenile Attorney Los Angeles

  • August 23, 2018
  • Life Style Blog

As we witness a surge in the number of criminal activities across the states, it is unfortunate as well as shocking to witness the involvement of juveniles in some of these cases. Although crimes committed by juveniles resemble those for adult crimes, it is a fact that penalties and laws associated with juvenile criminal offences are quite different than that of adult criminal offenses. Anyone under the age of 18 who is alleged of committing a crime is a juvenile criminal.

When and if your child is charged with juvenile crimes, it is of utmost importance that you hire an experienced and reputable juvenile attorney Los Angeles to represent you and your child in the court. A specialist attorney in the field of juvenile crime and law can represent your child’s case strongly in the court, thus managing to get a favorable or lighter sentence in some cases. He can also get a verdict that rules rehabilitation instead of placement in a state juvenile facility.

Categorization of Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes can be categorized on the basis of misdemenors or felonies. The categorization of the crime is based on the intensity of the crime or violence in some cases. When the crime committed by a juvenile is of more ”serious” nature, like sexual crime or if the crime was committed on the school campus, then there is a possibility that the juvenile cream may be subjected to being charged as an adult. In such cases where the severity of a juvenile crime resembles those of adult crimes, a bail may be set and he/she can be entitled to a trial by jury.

Dire Consequences of Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crimes can have a dire consequences for both family and the juvenile. Socially, the reputation of the family can take a beating and it can even go the extent of ‘social boycott’. Juvenile crimes can break a family apart. Children who are accused of being involved in juvenile crimes can get robbed of their childhood. In other words, it threatens to change the very essence of the childhood and who the child is. In many cases, it has been reported that the convicted children who were held in state facility for juveniles have come out with a lot more meaner and rougher version of themselves. In fact, some of them went on to become the most hardcore criminals and dreaded gangsters of the USA.

Hiring a Juvenile Defense Attorney Los Angeles

It has been observed that in many cases convicted juveniles deserved to receive a lighter sentence than they actually received. There are children who get involved in criminal activities without understanding the ramifications of their actions. And in some cases, juveniles may be suffering from medical conditions like ADD or ADHD that may have limited their ability to fully understand their actions and possible results. There are so many aspects to be considered to judge the causes of the actions of a juvenile, and only an experienced and professional juvenile defense lawyer can do that. It is important that your child do not have to live out important years of his childhood in a state juvenile facility, but in your home.

Young children can make mistakes, but these mistakes should not ruin their future. They should be made to realize the consequences of their activities, but not treated like a hardcore criminal. A competent juvenile defense lawyer will strongly defend your child’s rights to get the best results in your favor, like reduction in sentence or even termination of the charges.