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Read This Before Taking Liver Test at Home

  • December 24, 2018
  • Life Style Blog

The liver is one of the largest internal organs in the body and it is of paramount importance for our overall health as a healthy liver helps to flush out toxins from our body and ensure proper digestion. Liver health is considered as the most important indication to optimize body function and fight diseases. Liver test at home is an easy way to check if your liver is in good health or there’s some problem with it that’s also causing health problems for you. Why visit a doctor for expensive liver test when you can do it at your home with right equipment?

When would you need Liver Test?

You might take/get this test to check if you have a liver disease. There are some general liver problems that include dark urine, light-coloured stool, no craving to eat, swelling in your belly, feeling tired, fatigue, nausea, yellowish skin or eyes, etc.

Results from liver test can help your doctor to ascertain how worse an illness is getting or how well treatment is working. Your doctor may recommend a liver test if you are more likely to have a liver disease. For example, if you are:

A heavy alcohol drinker
From a family with history of liver diseases
Obese, diabetic, or have high blood pressure
On prescription medicine that can harm your liver

Signs of Enlarged Liver

If you have a slightly enlarged liver, you won’t be able to notice any symptoms, but if you’ve a severely swollen liver then you can notice this condition in the form of a feeling of fullness, discomfort in belly, frequent stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, weight loss, etc.

Getting ready before Home Liver Test

As with any other test, you need to take certain precautions before home liver test. You should understand that there are certain foods and drinks that can affect your liver as well as liver test. You would want to have accurate results from your liver test, so you should also know how to get ready for liver test at home.

Some foods and medicines can affect your liver test, so it is recommended that you should not eat, drink, or take any medicine at least 12 hours prior to home liver test.

What happens during the liver test at home?

There’s nothing to worry about if you’re taking home lever test for the first time. It is just like any doctor takes your liver test. Relax and keep yourself calm and composed. A thin needle is used to take a small amount of blood that is collected in a small, sample container. You will feel the pinch of a needle when it goes in your elbow, but that’s just about it. Rub cotton with an antiseptic for couple of minutes and you will be fine again.

These tests are taken more than once over few days so that you doctor can see any changes in the level.

What do the results mean?

Results of a liver test vary from person to person. They show the normal values along with your numbers. Your doctor assesses your results and makes you understand if you have any liver disease or you are perfectly fine.

Investing on a good quality home liver test kit saves your valuable time and money that you can utilize on your treatment if needed. Home test kit is easily available at the online store of its manufacturer at reasonable rates. Invest on this useful kit and ensure you are able to detect any disease or illness before it becomes severe.