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Liquidation Clothing Sales- How Cheap They Really Are?

  • December 21, 2018
  • Life Style Blog

It’s a fact that store closures generate feelings of sympathy for the employees as well as for employers who’ve been forced to shut down their operations as it was no more an economically viable option. Loyal customers also feel disappointed because they’ve been purchasing a lot of items for a long time at reasonable prices. Now, they will have to look for another store and it may take some time before they can build a healthy customer-business relationship at new store. However, store closures is especially a good news for clothing liquidators who can get bargain deals and brand clothing under one roof.

When you first hear about a store closure, the very first thing that comes to your mind is liquidation sale that usually comes with it. It’s natural when you hear of great bargain deals on brand clothing you will be tempted to make a purchase as your clothes is the first thing that a person will notice about you. Every person wants to look presentable and we all want to wear neat, new clothes. However, there are certain precautions to be taken before you rush to buying clothing from a clothing liquidator store near you. Read on to know more about it.

Check the return, re-fund, and warranty policies. Often, products and items sold at liquidation sales are non-refundable and the sad part is that customers have such a strong urge to impulse buy and take advantage of bargain deals that this thing does not cross their minds even once. First thing that you would want to make sure before you buy anything is if you really want it or not. It’s best to ask the seller if clothes you’re buying can be exchanged, returned or re-funded if there’s any defect found out later. You are spending your hard-earned money and it should not be wasted on defected clothes.

Compare prices. Yes, always compare prices because just because you’re buying clothes from clothing liquidation sale does not mean that they are also automatically great deals. There are chances that you can get the same clothing at same price at another store or even less. Sometimes, clothing liquidation can be a mere eyewash and nothing more than that. Knowing you can’t make a return, you should know and decide how much it’s worth saving.

If you’re getting a $50 jeans for $10, it might be worth it, but if it’s only $10 off then you should rather buy it from another store that will be around after 6 months or so.

Ask about the closing date and discounting schedule. It’s a common trend of liquidation sales that they start-off with smaller discounts, leading to bigger discounts as the closing date approaches. Experienced clothing liquidators know about this trend and they usually wait for the last to get big deals. You can take a leaf out of their book and wait till closing dates are near. You do not want to buy a bunch of clothes at 50%, only to know that they are available at 75% the very next day! Have patience and you will get good deal.

Check fitting and signs of damage. Buying clothes from a liquidation sale does not mean you should not check if they fit properly or they are free from manufacturing defects. Wear them to check their fit and check if there are any visible signs of manufacturing damage or not, like loose stitching, color fade, patch work, etc.

Coming to conclusion, no doubt buying clothes from liquidation sales is a wide idea but only if you are a vigilant customer who knows to differentiate cost-effective good liquidation sales from ordinary liquidation sales.