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Understanding the Healing Powers of Gemstone Beads

  • April 04, 2019
  • Life Style Blog

The legacy of gemstones for health and wealth has been known from centuries. In ancient times, gemstones were considered as a symbol of supremacy and royalty. Kings and queens wore gemstones in their crown, attire and as part of jewelry. Gemstones have a magnetic property with the help of which they produce a certain type of energy or vibrations that have healing properties. The gemstone is a mineral or a rock that is cleaned and de-fossilized to obtain a lustrous bead. The energies released from the beads are believed to have an effect on mental and physical aspects around us. Various gemstones are found in different parts of the world and have different properties. Several gemstones belong to a family of gemstone, that is, their basic properties are same but their properties vary according to place, time, color and size.

Some health benefits of the gemstone are given below:

1. Headaches: Amethyst is a very useful gemstone for the treatment of headaches as it frees blocked energies. The subject should lie down and place an amethyst on the forehead. Amethysts should be placed on both sides of the neck just above the collar bone.

2. Insomnia: Insomnia can develop for a number of different reasons and certain rock crystal can be beneficial in restoring normal sleeping patterns. It is a good idea to go to bed at night with a piece of Chrysoprase under the subject’s pillow.

3. Lethargy: Energy levels are sapped when there is an imbalance of the system. Certain gemstones and crystals will restore equilibrium and increase energy levels. The stones most useful in restoring energy and vitality are Rubies, amber, and Jasper.

A stone known as citrine is a gemstone for health and wealth. Citrine is a gemstone that is thought to help to clear the mind and can enhance the wearer’s ability to increase psychic powers is placed on the forehead. It is advised to be worn around the neck or on the wrist so it can increase positive energy, increase clarity of thoughts and increase the level of joy in a person’s life. In ancient times if kept with money it was considered to increase financial, so adding a bit of citrine to your piggy bank may be a good idea. Many kings and rulers used to have this stone so that they could get richer day after day.

There are numerous health benefits of gemstones if a person is suffering from a stomach ailment that he or she can wear pearl gemstone as it helps to treat digestive problems and controls emotion. For blood circulation related problems ruby is recommended over others. Apart from this, for treating wounds and cuts in ancient times most of the people used to rub ruby crystal over the injury for healing the wound. From history, these stones are being used in abundance due to their power and benefits. Although, there is no written proof for this but according to the ones who are using it there is something which can be felt after wearing it.