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Removing Pet Stains Professionally or using DIY methods

  • August 30, 2018
  • Life Style Blog

Pets are cute and cuddly. They are man’s best companions when no one else’s around for them. They are loyal as well as playful, which helps their owners to de-stress themselves. All in all, pets are more like family members who also need love, care, and affection. Like humans, pets too get ill and have some health issues. Almost every pet owners must have dealt with pet stains at one time or the other. Things get tougher when a pet has urinated or vomited on the carpet, which is expensive and adds beauty to interior decor of your house.

You need to clean your spoiled carpet quickly either by using DIY methods, or using the best carpet pet stain remover. If you do not remove pet stains in time, your carpet may be damaged permanently where your pet has left his accident. The first thing that you should know is that pet stains cannot be removed cleaned completely with carpet cleaning alone. Professional carpet cleaning involves the process of removing soil, dust, dander, from your carpet.

Removing pet stains from carpet by yourself

It is understood that you cannot always call a professional carpet pet stain removers because they can be expensive. Most of the times it helps if you can do it on your own using couple of DIY tricks. If you’re just dealing with an odd accident or two, try this useful DIY trick to deal effectively with pet stains. Cover the spot with a clean, dry towel and stand on it for 2-4 minutes. Your weight pressure on a towel will help to absorb most of the urine. After much urine has been soaked into the towel, remove the towel and spray the spot with a mixture of white vinegar and water in 50:50 ratio.

Again, cover the spoiled spot with a dry, clean towel and use your body weight to absorb whatever was left after you made the first attempt. Repeat until you’ve removed the most part of the spot. Avoid using over the counter cleaning solutions because it leaves a sticky residue.

Professional cleaning of carpet pet stains

For professional and thorough cleaning, you can also use the best carpet pet stain remover that contains natural ingredients. It is safe to use around kids and pets because it is made of natural, organic ingredients. It can be bought from online stores or the local retail market. Though there are many brands available in the markets to remove carpet pet stains, you should only choose the best quality products that eliminate spot as well as foul odor that can linger inside your house even after you have removed the spot easily. Bets product contains CO2- a natural protein buster that is very effective while you are trying to clean pet accidents. You should always keep the best carpet pet stain remover with you to deal with such a situation as soon as possible after your pet has spoiled a certain area of your carpet. Quicker you begin to work on it, lesser the chances of pet’s accident being absorbed by your carpet and penetrating deep inside the surface. Once it happens, getting rid of pet stains can be a long process which can take much of your time and efforts.

If your pet is doing it far too often, it’s time to take him to a licensed vet clinic as he may have been experiencing some health issues.