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Frequently Answered Questions Related to Solo Skydiving

  • December 04, 2018
  • Life Style Blog

Solo skydiving is one of the most thrilling and daring adventure sports in the world and it can give you a great adrenaline rush that you only experience when you experience the fun and fear at the same time, in an equal measure.

Taking a free fall from thousands of feet up in the sky can be horrifying, but if you’ve received professional training and trained to handle related equipment, you should be having the time of your life performing it in an amazingly beautiful location like Colorado solo skydiving which is one the best ways to face your fears and overcome them.

Skydiving helps in improving your confidence and gives you a string sense of accomplishment. Not every person is brave to put his life at risk, and if you can do that and beat all odds, you are indeed a brave soul.

However, taking an important decision of performing skydiving should be based on a calculated assessment of real risks as well as other factors, rather than taking a rash decision based purely on the rush of the blood.

Given below are some important questions, with expert answers, that people have in their mind related to this thrilling adventure activity.

What is the minimum age to skydive?

You need to be minimum of 18 years of age to take part in solo skydiving. State rules are very strict on this matter, and even if parents give consent to minors, they will still not be allowed to do it. So, you must be 18 or older to perform solo or tandem skydiving.

Should I get travel insurance?

Why not? Travel insurance policy is designed to cover theft, loss, medical problems and adventure sports. Having this type of policy will give you an added protection against any unfortunate event or mis-happening that could result in financial loss or sever injury to an individual. Remember, that not all policies will include dangerous activities, so make sure you’ve got solo skydiving included in your travel insurance.

What to do if I want to get certified?

You can get certified for solo skydiving in only 5 days, and this is made possible by few reputable and professional adventure trip organizers who help you with taking care of all vital aspects of your adventure trip to any exotic location in the USA.

You can become a licensed skydiver through the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) program which begins with 6-hour ground school followed by your first skydive. All throughout this training, you’ll be trained to maintain correct body position, handling emergency procedures and equipment, canopy flight patterns and landing procedures. You’ll be assisted by two instructors during your free fall.

What is the maximum age limit for Solo Skydiving?

Age is not a limit, but health and fitness levels have to be assessed before they’re given green signal to go ahead with skydive. If the person is in bad health and his/her fitness is not up to satisfactory standards, he/she may be not allowed to skydive. You can also explore more adventure trips ideas for you.

How many jumps are allowed in one day?

The number of jumps depends on your budget, energy level, and physical condition. You may be exhausted after one jump, and you may also opt for another couple of jumps. You can attempt 2-4 AFF jumps on an average.