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5 Strong Reasons to Play Bubble Soccer

  • January 02, 2019
  • Life Style Blog

Bubble soccer is a team game like traditional soccer, though it need not be played with minimum eleven players on the field! Bubble soccer is a great sport to play and have fun while trying to score a goal. Perhaps you’ve seen this sport already on you tube or Facebook where you see people trapped inside a huge ball running on the field, kicking a ball and falling in the process; it looks so funny, doesn’t it? This is what bubble soccer is all about. Be a ball and play for the ball. It can be played by anyone who is physically fit and it can be played on any open ground.

Bubble soccer is opposite to contact sport like soccer or hockey. In these sports, there’s a greater chance of a player sustaining an injury as there’s a lot of physical contact involved during the game, but bubble soccer prevents any type of direct contact because players are inside a huge ball that covers them from head to knee. Given below are 5 strong reasons you should play this unique sport in a unique way. It’s time for you to say goodbye to traditional soccer and play this sport which is getting popular by each day amongst all those who love to play soccer.

1. Team building. Bubble soccer is not an individual sport. It is played between two teams with minimum of 3 players each side. You are supposed to work together with your teammates, whether to score a goal or to bring an opponent down to ground. This sport is all about building team spirit and working together to achieve a common goal of scoring a goal! Challenge your communication skills as you and your friends take on the other team.

2. Keeps you fit and fine. Bubble soccer is a great way to keep yourself fit as it involves a lot of running around the field with extra weight of a bubble ball, so that makes it more physically demanding. You can burn substantial amount of calories playing one game as you need a lot of energy just to get back up on the ground and bump people around! If you feel that you have gained some weight and that waistline is getting bigger, you should consider bubble soccer and play it regularly to get back in the shape, or maintain your current fitness.

3. It’s Safe. When you compare bubble soccer with actual soccer, it is more safer. Traditional soccer can cause severe injuries to players, but when you play this sport you need not feel as much concerned because you’ll be wearing cushion-like bubble suit that will surround you from all sides. So, it means that you are not bumping into another player, but your cushion ball is colliding with another cushion ball with a player inside it. When you fall, you won’t hurt yourself if you are wearing the bubbleball in a proper manner. Go out and have some fun!

4. Weather is a non-issue. You can play bubble soccer event when it rains. You can play it both indoor and outdoor, and it does not require a full-sized pitch. It is any-weather game which means when you and your team feels like playing it, you can play it no matter what time of the day it is.

5. Affordable. You need not spend fat cash on playing bubble soccer as its equipment is reasonably priced. You can also rent it which is a more cost-effective option. There are many companies that offer good discounts to customers on bubble balls and related equipment. Keep a close eyes on such bargain deals because you can save a lot of money while having great fun!